Fit PC2+

Dual Ethernet, 5.1 Audio, Standard HDMI... post here everything fit-PC2 does not have and you wish it had. We listen.
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Fit PC2+

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I just realized that the Fit PC2 wouldn't work too well with many TV's.

HDMI would be for video, but how else would you get audio to go through the TV? Most TV's will have Line-In's but that's for the PC (VGA) Input.

MiniSD, especially lack of SDHC, is something I see that won't be utilized too often. Other than maybe for ReadyBoost in Vista or Win7.

My wishlist for a revised FitPC2 or FitPC3 would be for MicroSD, HDMI + Audio, and user-replacable memory (unlikely); if not, 2-4GB onboard options (4GB is unlikely as single SODIMM's of 4GB are expensive).

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