What is CompuLab planning next ?

Dual Ethernet, 5.1 Audio, Standard HDMI... post here everything fit-PC2 does not have and you wish it had. We listen.
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Re: What is CompuLab planning next ?

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irads wrote:We announce new products several weeks before they are released, as soon as we are confident they are going to be ready.

So you are welcome to tell us what are the features you are looking for, but don't ask what's in the next model and when it's out - we can't tell.
Will you be supporting in the near future any revised/updated 32bit models of Fit-PC with low-watt Ivy Bridge CPU which is better than Atom CPU?

Or from today onwards you will only be looking at releasing 64bit systems with possible Ivy Bridge CPU?


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Re: What is CompuLab planning next ?

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The obvious question is whether Compulab will respond to the new line of Intel atom z36xx chips which would look great in a fit-pc2 style box with some fit-pc3 ribbing on the side, and which are 64-bit. Intel already supports these chips in Linux. If you compile a recent Linux kernel, you will catch sight of the lines that talk about recent Intel atom inclusions, which mean you can get at least an Intel frame buffer to run fbdev_drv.so with, and much more compatibility in the more recent Linux mesa systems that benefit from the Intel contributions to Android for the x86. You could even do your own customized x86 Android as a default Compulab system.

Compulab is in a position to acquire these SoC atoms right now, well before Intel finally releases a motherboard/NUC version in February of 2014.


Re: What is CompuLab planning next ?

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I completely agree with vtailor's observation.

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