Problems of Fit-PC on boot up

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Problems of Fit-PC on boot up

Post by Niranjan »

These are the issues we faced when the fit-pc is switced on.

1) FIT PC is unable to recognize the data card connected to the USB drive as “no USB devices” during power on some times.The fit pc is not recognising the USB drive at all (4 out of 8 times).

2) During power on reset sometimes the operating system does not get loaded due to which it shows “Operating system not found”. So the system does not recover from this during power on.We need to hard boot the system.It shows
"Exiting pxe ROM...Operating system not found.

Please consider the above issues as we are deploying PIXIE in an industrial application.

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Re: Problems of Fit-PC on boot up

Post by irads »

System is expected to behave consistently. The problem does not sound like a HW fault but configuration or integration problem involving the fit-PC2 and specific USB drive.
Maybe you can try to reproduce the problem with another type of USB drive.
Irad Stavi
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