Won't boot after package update

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Re: Won't boot after package update

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With the obvious question ... how much memory do you have?
I have the fit2pc turbo with 1Gb of memory
Did you set "video effects" to "None" as implied by the installation instructions?
Yep, I even checked to make sure visual effects was set to "none" before i rebooted, however after rebooting it had changed to "normal" so back to none it went!.
Have you installed just vanilla Mint or Mint plus the fit-PC specific additional software (e.g. fit-PC kernel), as listed in the installation instructions?[/quote]
Probably the latter, I followed the instructions very carefully tonight, not that they're difficult to follow. I downloaded Linux Mint 9 as per link from "linux mint 9 offcially suported". Connected to ethernet to run firefox so to copy/paste alterations to Terminal (This is the fit-PC specific additional software inc new video driver, fit-PC kernal etc. Up to the point before re-booting the screen was central on my TV. (I only have a monitor in the minibus or TV with DVI inputs). After reboot the screen is offset by more than my TV can adjust (But Van monitor is central, where it's used most). So I have a issue with screen position but no way of altering it, that I know of!. So far things are very much repeatable from previouis installation attempts. It's currently updating and in an hour or so I'll reboot.

OK, it's still working!!. Now updated and no memory errors. How? havent a clue. I had tried 6-7 reinstalls without success, still my problems are fixed..

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