LIRC (infrared) drivers for Linux Mint do not work

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LIRC (infrared) drivers for Linux Mint do not work

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The current driver situation for the IR receiver is that it doesn't work under Linux Mint 9 Isadora. Can the standard kernel please be updated with the correct driver under Mint?

The standard driver supplied by 2.6.35-34-fitpc2 simply does not recognize USB vendor:device code 03eb:21fe, which is the Igor Cesko IR receiver hardware supplied with the fit-PC2. This is a totally stock fit-pc2 machine supplied by compulab.

It is possible to force Linux to recognize the on-board hardware (using /sys/bus/usb/drivers/lirc_igorplugusb/new_id), and in a sense the driver works because it recognizes the hardware at least and can digitize some IR data. On the other hand, the hardware still suffers from buffer overflows.

"Denis" supplied two versions of the lirc_igorplugusb.c driver, which are supposed to work around the buffer overflows. However, these driver codes do not compile under Linux Mint 9 Isadora kernel sources, and also do not compile under LIRC source distribution 0.9.0. The changes made by "Denis" are not trivial either so it's difficult to see how to make it work. I've spent many hours trying to compile in various ways, but no success.

Can fitpc please supply a working kernel module for their IR hardware under Linux Mint?


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