XBMC on Linux Mint 9

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XBMC on Linux Mint 9

Post by mgg »

Hi everybody,

has anybody tried to install the final release of XBMC on Linux Mint? Does the video acceleration of 1080p movies work?

Thank You!


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Re: XBMC on Linux Mint 9

Post by radioxid »

Tryed compiliing with crystalhd minipcie card plugged in, but segfaulted

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Re: XBMC on Linux Mint 9

Post by Kyo_O »

Yes, i would like to know how to make it work too, i don't think it's a matter of linux version (i.e kernel/xorg) but rather of the video driver and its settings.
I managed to make it work on Mint 9 or Lucid with PSB drivers but that was dramaticaly slow, near unusable but on Mint 10 with EMGD it always crashes on startup and even the system too so it needs a hard reset (really nice :cry: ), even tried with sources compilation.
I'm searching for someone who managed to make it work on recent Mint/Ubuntu release with emgd drivers, please...
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Re: XBMC on Linux Mint 9

Post by elupus »

it won't be supported until some new drivers show up giving vaapi support for vaCopySurfaceGLX.

The texture from pixmap support may work. But currently the drivers from the normal gma500 repo doesn't support that.

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