[INFO] pfSense v2 on fit-PC slim - working

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[INFO] pfSense v2 on fit-PC slim - working

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pfSense is a very good firewall that, right now (due to FreeBSD v7 issues), is not exactly "installation friendly" on fit-PC slim platform.
Starting with pfSense v2 (now in beta) things are going better.

To have a fit-PC slim running with pfSense:

1. take out HDU from fit-PC slim
2. connect it to any IDE PC
3. install the pfSense v2, using all defaults, up to first reboot
4. turn off the "host" PC
5. reconnect HDU to fit-PC slim
6. turn on fit-PC slim and configure the firewall via USB keyboard

All is properly working (geode encryption acceleration and realtek wireless included).

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