Power adapter replacement?

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Power adapter replacement?

Post by wipu »


For some time my Fit-pc 1 has been freezing, and I've had to reboot it.

Now it doesn't start anymore.

I'm suspecting and hoping that it's a power adapter issue.

What would be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way for me to get the
computer running, at least temporarily, for copying data out of it?

Can you recommend an easily available generic power adapter?

- Ville Oikarinen

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Re: Power adapter replacement?

Post by tamir »

Unfortunately this product is fairly matured, and there's very limited information we currently have regarding it.
There should be viable information on the AC adapter's sticker, you could also measure it to make sure it supplies the correct voltage.

If not, you could assemble the existing connector with an alternative PSU to make sure this isn't a PSU issue.

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