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Re: VGA output

Post by yogev_ezra »

Thanks a lot for your answer! But there is a power socket in the HDfury to plug in power cord, right? In case I decide to plug power adapter...


Re: VGA output

Post by benjgil »

Yep, there's a power-in socket on the side - see ... 5B1%5D.jpg

(it's the little hole on the side).

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Re: VGA output

Post by flosspike »

Hi, Can anyone help. I'm fairly new at linux but already hooked. I'm keen to get my fit2pc into my van which already has a vga monitor and suitable amplifier installed. I purchased the usb2UGA adapter straight from Anders and after a bit of a fight managed to get a picture on the screen. there is 3 commands as detailed on the installation disc the 3rd is some sort of test resulting in output. However, I haven't yet discovered how to make the desktop output to the vga adapter. The driver is by "displaylink" can some one kindly nudge me in the right direction. Thanks.

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Re: VGA output

Post by xlthim »

I have one of these driving a "2nd" display.
When my FIT-pc comes up, it is sending all the boot up visuals to the DVI port. I run Windows XP, and I do not see anything on my 2nd display until Windows have completely loaded.

Using this completely screws up my primary settings. If I plug my HDMI cable in, my settings are 640x480 and 4bits of color.

I have my 2nd display "extended" and this seems to help.

You said Linux so I'm not sure if this info even helps. Is it command line Linux, or GUI linux?

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Re: VGA output

Post by flosspike »

Unbuntu 8.04 Hardy GUI, basically what was preinstalled.

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Re: VGA output

Post by JimFouch »

I have a fit-PC2 that I purchased a few weeks ago. I'm working on creating a very small portable application and need to use a small VGA 5" - 7" display. I ordered an HD Fury and when I hook it up using the fit-PC2 to two different monitors I get a display that replaces all the white pixels with a light purple. It doesn't seem to do this on larger VGA displays. I have also used my Asus 1201N (which also has a HDMI output) and got the same purple problem.

I have tried adding the 5V supply and that does not make a difference.

I have driven both small VGA monitors with a standard VGA port and they display perfect color using straight VGA.

I'm running Windows 7 on both the Fit-PC2 & Asus. I have tried several different resolutions. These small monitors have a native resolution of 640x480 and the 800x480, but both will scale to 800x600 or 1024x768.

I'm contemplating on ordering the newer HD Fury 2, but don't want to spend the $150-$200 when others say the HD Fury 1 works with the Fit-PC2.

Any suggestions?

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