Where can I get ClockMon

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Where can I get ClockMon

Post by Mike.Craft »

I have a Fit-PC2 that I have recently installed Windows 7 on. I have been having problems with the Windows Clock running slowly and losing time, then the whole PC locked up with just the Power LED on and would not boot. I have solved this problem by resetting the BIOS and the PC now runs again. I am probably going to change the CMOS battery as well, anyway, but was interested in getting hold of a copy of ClockMon as mentioned in some of the other posts, however the links to the source of this software no longer seem to be active.
Can anyone help??



Re: Where can I get ClockMon

Post by mbirger »

If the RTC will behave strangely indeed you should check the battery.

Regarding Clock monitor you may want to check:

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