More memory & 5.1 sound

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More memory & 5.1 sound

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Your product sounds really great, especially the very low power consumption makes it really interesting ! (especially as I want to keep it running 7x24x365).
I would immediately buy one if it had:
- More memory (minimum 2 GB, better 3, it should also be usable as a server and ready for requirements coming up in the next 2-3 years...)
- 5.1 digital sound output (S/PDIF... is there really anybody still watching HD movies with 2 channels only?)

Another feature that would increase my will to spend money would be the possibility to extend functionality with a PCI card or PCMCIA card, e.g. DVBT receiver card or similar, enabling the box to record TV programs. This would of course increase the size of the box, but that doesn't matter.

Other features that I would find really nice, but wouldn't be a nogo criteria;
- Possibility to have two internal harddisks (software Raid, extention, ...)
- 300 MBit WLAN
- 64 bit CPU (should there be an ATOM model supporting it)

Let us know once the next models specification is released... looking forward :)


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