Dual ethernet

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by x1000 »

I love to have the dual nics. currently i have to purchase usb nic. it doesnt look nice.

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by belcat »

+1 more for dual Ethernet; router idea again.

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by sndralex »

+1 Dual Ethernet for Router.

Again there is option for Ethernet over USB, or make routing using one NIC and hub, but Dual Ethernet is much better.

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by eran »

Of course another Ethernet port would be nice, but I think that you will be equally pleased with the performance using a usb-to-Ethernet adapter.
There are other boards out there (which we shall not discuss in-depth because it's against the forum rules :) that have more than one Ethernet port, but have no VGA out, run on slower CPUs (think 400 MHz) and cost more. The Fit PC's magic is its versatility and performance - I have successfully used Fit PC Slim as a NAS gateway and got the 100 mbit/sec from the USB disks attached to it.

I plan to buy a Fit PC 2 as a home gateway as well - you don't need more than 2 interfaces and the Internet interface does not need more than 10 mbit/sec (Unless you're lucky and get fiber connection to your home :) which means it will live very well with a USB1 Ethernet adapter.

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by ender »

My main problem with USB ethernet adapter is another bulky piece I need to have next to the router (and I have fiber, too :)

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by cionica »

+1 more for dual Ethernet

i would love to use Fit-PC2 as a firewall

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by adaviel »

+1 for dual ethernet (Gigabit ?)

We have several of the V1.0 model which we are using as firewalls (routing and/or bridging) to protect legacy systems (e.g. PowerPC's running vxworks RTOS) too dumb to have iptables or access control. (Some old 10bT ethernet devices can even be overwhelmed by broadcast storms on the open LAN). The FitPC V1 is very nice for this.

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by elch »

+1 for gigabit ethernet

(+1 for triple / quad / ... gigabit ethernet :))

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by roundtrip »

+1 for dual ethernet.

Primarily for router / firewall purposes.

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Re: Dual ethernet

Post by synding »

I purchased a fit-PC 1.0 about a year ago to use as a firewall and it's been running perfectly since day one. I'm in the market for another firewall and would buy a dual nic model if it was available. The option to purchase without a hard drive would be nice as well.


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