Wish list: S/PDIF

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Re: Wish list: S/PDIF

Post by Ron7 »

Another vote for bringing out digital audio via the HDMI conenctor (yes, I know it's really DVI-D, but this is a wish list...)

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Re: Wish list: S/PDIF

Post by DBS »

I guess it’s a bit late for Fit-PC2 but I’m willing to wait for 3.
To make it the best candidate for Media-PC (probably running Linux, MythTv) it needs:
An S/PDIF output or a coaxial digital output (adding a USB audio card makes it less attractive).
A DVI output which supports passive VGA converter (a lot of LCD TVs do not support HDMI).
Component/Composite/S-Video output would be a great addition (For even older TVs).
Bootable SDHC, the age of 2GB SD has passed and SSD are still very expensive.

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Re: Wish list: S/PDIF

Post by dcsmith »

I will second (third, fourth... you get the idea) the wish list item for S/PDIF. This would make the Fit-PC(#) a great HTPC.


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