Boot Problems Ubuntu 9.10

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Boot Problems Ubuntu 9.10

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I have had my fitPC2 running since September 24/7 without missing a beat until yesterday.

It appears we lost power overnight and on checking my fitPC2 had not completed its re-boot.

The bootup starts okay and I think nearly finishes as it gets to the following position in the boot up sequence ...

Loading essential drives .... ok
Running /scripts/local-premount ok
Mounting root file system ...
Running /scripts/local-top ok
Running /scripts/local-premount ok
Running /scripts/local-bottom ok
Running /scripts/init-bottom
Starting AppArmor profiles

after about 25secs the following is displayed
(some text dealing with USB configuration)

and ends with ...

init:ureadahead main process (383) terminated with status 5

[The number in brakets changes on each attempt at cold restart]

What do I need to do to access the fitPC2 to correct this problem or does it require a complete re-installation of Ubuntu 9.10 ?

Thanks for your help.

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