Monitor & TV List

A list of displays tested with fit-PC2
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Monitor & TV List

Post by AoRaToS »

I've read many posts regarding some PC monitors and TV's not working correctly or not working at all with the fit-PC2.
I decided to make a thread in which people can all reply adding the monitor they successfully use or have used and those with which they were unsuccessful, the resolutions may also be posted.

Some models may be listed both as successful and failure depending on resolutions, so be sure to check both lists.(Models with *)

I'll Edit this post every time and add them all to the list here at the first post!


PC Monitor

~ Samsung Syncmaster 2693HM (26"), Resolution: All up to 1920x1200, OS: Windows XP SP3 (AoRaToS)

~ Dell 2407, Resolution: 1920x1200, OS: unknown (fabbe72)

~ Asus P191w, Resolution: 1440x900, OS: XP, Win7 (costello)

~ Asus PG221, Resolution: unknown, OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (morgad)

~ Bang and Olufsen BeoVision 4 (60"), Resolution: 1920x1080, OS: unknown, Connection: HDMI -> DVI -> HDMI (Ron7)

~ Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW, Resolution: 1680x1050, OS: Windows XP, Connection: HDMI -> monitor DVI (Aura)

~ LG 1920P, Resolution: 1280x1024, 32bit, OS: Win7 Ultimate, Connection: HDMI -> monitor DVI (poiuytr)

~ Benq G2222HDL, Resolution: 1920x1080, OS: Ubuntu 9.10, Connection: HDMI -> monitor DVI (Aleksey)

~ Asus VK266H 26", Resolution: 1920x1200, OS: Windows7, Connection: HDMI -> HDMI (zqudlyba)

~ LG W2252TQ Flatron 22", Resolution: 1680x1050, OS: Windows XP, Connection: HDMI -> Monitor DVI (zqudlyba)

~ DELL U2410, Resolution: unknown, OS: unknown, Connection: unknown (loren)

~ Dell G2410, Resolution: 1920x1080, OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, Connection: HDMI -> Monitor DVI (Aura)


~ Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000 (40"), Resolution: 1920x1080, OS: XP (AoRaToS)

~ *Zepto A32 LCD TV, Resolution: streched 1024x768, OS: unknown (fabbe72)


PC Monitor

none reported yet


~ *Zepto A32 LCD TV, Resolution: native 1366x768 (probably due to fit-pc2 driver), OS: unknown (fabbe72)

~ Sony KDL-20S3000, Resolution: unknown, OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (morgad)
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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by fabbe72 »


Dell 2407 @ 1920 x 1200

Zepto A32 LCD TV @ streched 1024x768


Zepto A32 LCD TV @ native 1366 X 768 (probably due to fit-pc2 driver)

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by costello »


The Asus P191w works in Windows XP, and Windows 7 RTM.

To use the full resolution (1440x900) in Windows 7, I had to go to the control panel, disable monitor 1, and only use monitor 2.

It works at 1440x900 (its native resolution) in either Windows XP or Windows 7.

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by morgad »

Asus PG221 worked first time with Ubuntu 8.04 without changing anything (HDMI -> DVI cable) - resolution is 1680x1050

The USB hub in the monitor came in handy as well. No idea if sound works yet.

update 20091027 : sound works fine if you remember to plug the cable into the right port :?

update 20100103: but the USB port seems unpowered, so not that useful :-(

Can't get my Sony 20S3000 to find the FitPC2 connected to the HDMI port at all yet :-(

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by Ron7 »


Bang and Olufsen BeoVision 4 60" plasma via a BeoSystem 3 at 1080P.

Connection was HDMI -> DVI -> HDMI so if I had a spare HDMI cable lying around, that would probably do the job by itself. No audio as my application just controls a Sony CX777ES 400 DVD player on a separate BeoSystem 3 input (component video). Nothing to do. Just plug together and go.

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by zqudlyba »


Asus VK266H 26" Resolution:1920x1200 OS:Windows7 Connection:HDMI -> HDMI


LG W2252TQ Flatron 22" Resolution:1680x1050 OS:WinXP Connection:FITPC2 HDMI -> Monitor DVI

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by Aura »


Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW
Windows XP
HDMI -> monitor DVI

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by poiuytr »


PC monitor LG 1920P
HDMI -> monitor DVI
1280x1024, 32bit
Win7 Ultimate

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by Aleksey »


PC monitor: Benq G2222HDL
HDMI -> monitor DVI
Ubuntu 9.10

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Re: Monitor & TV List

Post by radioxid »


Sony Bravia 1920x1080

Win XP & Ubuntu 9.10

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