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Hey guys! Is everyone having fun yet?

Posted: Sun May 05, 2013 5:27 pm
by vtailor
Your North American distributor is now streaming its streaming videos in Silverlight as well as flash. Which means you should even be able to watch the videos in Windows XP and Windows 7 on a z5xx. My Windows 8 z550 installation seems to have a slight problem with this dual streaming system. On IE10, streaming simply fails, whether you use the generic Microsoft graphics driver or the gma500, you get an error message, or streaming stops with no error message. If you use a secondary browser, and turn off flash, you can coax it into streaming Silverlight, with excellent results, meaning, it starts off with slight buffering, then the buffering increases as the selection continues playing. (This is also true for an Intel celeron NUC.)

One interesting thing I discovered from playing with the Intel NUC-NUC is that you can use a USB analog sound device instead of the built-in Intel sound. But, even more, if you go into the bios and turn OFF the sound, then the USB sound device is all that is recognized in Windows and Linux, and the internal heat production goes down. Also, the sound device has really excellent drivers in both Windows and Linux, CD quality.