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Latest test Windows 8 installation on the z510

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:26 pm
by vtailor
I am writing this from Internet Explorer, which is behaving itself, except that, so far, I call it from the "flag+r" command line, and I went into the control panel and set the internet options before I started using iexplore.

The point is that I immediately installed the fit pc chipset driver on this fresh Windows 8 installation on the z510 version. I have sound running, did not "improve" it yet. I am using the pre-installed flash plugin for iexplore with relatively few problems compared to other installations.

And, I am using the native Windows 8 graphics driver. The clue was the obvious 3dgfx going on with this driver. Check out the enclosed png file showing dxdiag telling us what the native driver, running at 1024x768, is capable of doing without crashing the system.