Want to Run Fit2PC as home server x86 or x64?

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Want to Run Fit2PC as home server x86 or x64?

Post by Incorporat3d »

I have always wanted a Fit2PCi since i saw them, and due to power price rising i bought one, now i dont know what i was going to do with it :(

Im now thinking of setting it up as a server to replace my VIA fanless 1GHz running PF Sense (Previously Smoothwall), i am also thinking of getting it to run my Online 3000Va UPS so that i can control it again as well as talk to my home alarm and access control system via serial to program new cards and make system changes.

I also wanted VPN but havnt been able to make it work with Linux based solutions, so i would put this on it too....

I have a mate who is going to help me, but he has asked x86 or x64, i understand the difference, but can not find anywhere if the Fit2PCi will support x64. Does anyone know? and has anyone out there used it?

Apparently the system will run smoother on x64, but i want to know if capable before i try. As i am using it to make these posts.

I am hoping that with a Fit2PCi running this and a small NAS server will provide me everything i NEED while consuming less than 200Watts (Aiming for 100) I will still then have my beast which i will only run on weekends when required, as it has 44 Drive Bays, 20 of which are 2TB.
Yes my lights dim when it boots.... and again when its own dedicated air conditioner starts.. I used to run it all the time until my power bills hit $1200 :(

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Re: Want to Run Fit2PC as home server x86 or x64?

Post by irads »

fit-PC2/i does not support x64. It does support x86.
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