Fit PC3 Audiophile Source and Blu Ray

Is fit-PC2 good for my intended application?
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Fit PC3 Audiophile Source and Blu Ray

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Just setting up my first PC based high-end audio source to replace my dead CD player.
I'll be using a JKDAC32 USB DAC (which requires Hiface drivers) and would like to be able to play blu ray discs too, from an external blu ray drive. I have some questions maybe some of you might be able to help me with!

Does the Fit PC3 suffer from 'ground loop' issues on the USB ports (e.g. is there any hum through HiFi speakers when a USB DAC is plugged in)? This is a very important consideration for audio.

Can I power the fit pc3 from a suitable battery for audio use (to prevent PSU interference and help any ground-loop issues over USB to a DAC)? Or is there a known good linear PSU available?

Which model, if any, be fast enough for hi-res audio files (e.g. 24/96, 24/192)? And the same question for blu-ray!

For further info, I'll be using it with either Foobar or Jriver with the Jplay plugin and an iPhone as remote, but put the machine into Jplay's hibernate mode while playing.

Many thanks!


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