Which is best for home use?

Is fit-PC2 good for my intended application?
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Which is best for home use?

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I want a fit-pc as a desktop and already have access to windows through a local library. I'm wondering if I can get away with loading windows onto an external HDD and connecting this to the fit-pc. Barring this, could I possibly load Linux onto the external HDD? The HDD I'm considering is a 1Tb 5400rpm from western digital. I'm really trying to minimize cost here and found them on sale, so I ordered the fit-pc with no internal HDD, 1.1 Ghz.

If I only get negative answers to these questions, then I have one more! How do I change an order with fit-pc before it ships? I've gotten no response from the orders email address.

Thanks for any help! :mrgreen:

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Re: Which is best for home use?

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I think you can boot Windows from a USB hard disk. Worst case you will need to buy a 2.5" hard disk separately.
fit-PC sales will get back to you during work-week in Israel (Sun through Thu) most likely on Sunday.
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