FIT PC Virtualizing ESXi oder another solution!

Is fit-PC2 good for my intended application?
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FIT PC Virtualizing ESXi oder another solution!

Post by ITKOA »

Hello together,

may be you can help me by following Questions.

I have to use the Fit PC to as an Virtualisation Server.

The best way would be VMWare ESXi but i have Problems with the installation. Following Error Codes stops the ESXI installation:

Booting MBI=0x00010150, Entry 0x00100212

Someone allready had the same problem or tryed to use fit PC with another Virtualisation solution like XEN?

I hope for your answers

Thank you very much


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Re: FIT PC Virtualizing ESXi oder another solution!

Post by 9812713 »

I think using the Fit-PC2 is a bit too low in requirements for most virtualization software like VMware ESXi, and possible XEN.

If it is local virtualization you need you could try the desktop products that might give you better support ( VMware Server, Workstation, VirtualBox, QEMU ).

Your problem you experienced may also have to do with the different version of FIT-PC2 (1.1 GHZ, and 1.6) and the newer FIT-PC2 (1.1 GHZ and 1.6)

Most notable, I think the FIT-PC2i (versus the FIT-PC2 - no i) has virtualization extensions, which I read on this forum.

However, maybe irads can explain this more, as I am currently not an active owner of a Fit-PC2 ... yet .. Just surfing the forums, lending my knowledge wherever I can.



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Re: FIT PC Virtualizing ESXi oder another solution!

Post by Maniacikarus »

It depends on the processor used for your fit, both fit-pc2 and fit-pci2i can run intel VTx if a Intel Z5[3,4,5]0 is plugged onto it, the Z510 has no support for VTx. You can run qemu with kvm support if you´re on a Intel Z530 1,6 GHz version. - IPFire a dedicated Open Source Firewall

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Re: FIT PC Virtualizing ESXi oder another solution!

Post by jason404 »

I am looking for a low-powered server to run ESXi on, to host a domain controller, web server and some other networking roles. vMotioning the VMs back and forth to a HP ProLiant server will be fun.

Anyway, aside from the Intel-VT support, I suspect there would be problems with ESXi not supporting the onboard NIC and possibly the SATA controller, anyway.

ESXi itself could run from a USB flash drive and I suppose the VMs and storage could be accessed through SAN (if NIC works okay), but that would defeat the purpose of why I am trying to do this in the first place.

Any thoughts?

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