Faulty power plug locking screw

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Faulty power plug locking screw

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There is a number of fit-PC2 units shipped having a faulty locking screw in power plug.
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Symptom: when trying to fasten the power plug into fit-PC2 the screw will not lock into the nut.
fit-PC2 works normally, but without the power plug locking, power plug may be pulled out accidentally.

Solution: please email as follows

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To: keren@compulab.co.il
Subject: Faulty power plug locking screw

Mailing address:
SN: <serial number of fit-PC2>
Purchase date:
Purchased through: <PayPal/Amazon/reseller name/other (specify)>
We will immediately send you a proper screw. Replacing the screw is straight forward - unscrew the faulty screw from the power plug and screw the proper screw instead.

CompuLab takes responsibility of the fault. We apologize for any inconvenience the fault may have casued you.
Irad Stavi
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