Getting the FIT-PC2 to go into Standby Mode

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Getting the FIT-PC2 to go into Standby Mode

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We have an application for FIT-PC2i and are bringing up a test installation that includes testing to see if it can be put into Standby or Suspend-to-Ram or Suspend-to-Disk mode. We loaded a copy of Win XP Home Edition on a FIT-PC2i with 8G Solid State Storage and were not able to get it to go into Standby Mode. The BIOS is up to date (Sept 2010) and all drivers for Win XP have been installed, including those specified for FIT-PC2i.

The symptoms are:

The power options on XP do not include Standby and attempts to put it manually into standby result in the system saying that the computer doesn’t support the standby mode.
If we set the system up so that the power button says “ask me” before executing power options, the Standby button is grayed-out.

The Users Forum has discussions of how to exit the Standby Mode, but not how to enable it if it doesn't work.

Did we do something wrong in our installation ?

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