XP Installation advice

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XP Installation advice

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I am planning on purchasing the Fit-PC 2 Turbo diskless version. I have a standard internal 160GB 2.5" hard drive and a copy of XP Home SP2 retail.

I will be using the following usb dvd drive for the installation:
MY-Link USB External CD-RW DVD-ROM CDRW Combo Drive For Laptops, ASUS EEE, and Desktops

Will this dvd drive be recognised by the Fit-PC 2 Turbo and is there any other reason why I might have a problem? Anything I've neglected to consider?



Re: XP Installation advice

Post by irads »

fit-PC2 is tested with WinXP SP3. Make sure to upgrade.
The USB DVD should work fine.
You will not have Full HD codecs. For that you need to purchase fit-PC2 XP HD.

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