Freeze on video (with mplayer)

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Freeze on video (with mplayer)

Post by iltsu »

I'm using gmplayer for tv recording playbacks. Setting in (g)mplayer indicate that vaapi is in use. The problem is that fit-pc2 constantly freezes after some 10-20 minutes of (g)mplayer usage. Only power off/on resolves the freezes.

I have reinstalled (already 3 times) Ubuntu 8.0.4 following the instructions from this site. The steps done:
- preparation of media (usb stick)
- installation (my username is not "fit" - is that a problem?)
- reboot & "necessary system changes" from instructions (all copy/pasted) & reboot
- ubuntu updates installation
- video playback and soon system freeze

One thing to note is that before the 1st video playback there is no ~/.player/config file. And when the playback starts the file is created but it contains only comment that this can be used for mplayer configuration.

Somewhere in the forum article it was suggested that .player/config should be copied from user "fit". But when I do my fresh Ubuntu installation there is not "fit" user and therefore no home folder for this either.

Any suggestions to solve this problem other than 4:th installation using this time the "fit" as the initial user? Could this be hw problem even though I have tried playback from both hard disk and USB stick with same results?

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Re: Freeze on video (with mplayer)

Post by Mylife »


There's something to tweak in the BIOS to get rid of different freezes
(LAN freeze, USB disks freeze, etc. ...).
Maybe you could try the same tweak (if not already done) as shown in the following link
to get rid of your own freeze on video : (Kleborp's tip)

Otherwise, I'd suggest to install Ubuntu 9.04 : ... buntu_9.04
==> Maybe "/etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf" is already ok for this install
(rather than "/home/only_works_for_one_user/.mplayer/config") ?

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