Wlan and Fit-pcie2i-w

WLAN adapter and miniPCI-express slot
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Wlan and Fit-pcie2i-w

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I've buy an D2G-1600-W but the wifi card in the pc isn't perfect for me.

I want to install an another card in miniPcie but it's not recognized. I've test with 3 differente card : 2x intel 6205 and 1x intel 1030

On the web site :
Normally the miniPCIe is used for WiFi, so when fit-PC is ordered with option W - mini-PCIe is not available.

Have you a method for activate a wlan card in miniPcie ?



Re: Wlan and Fit-pcie2i-w

Post by mbirger »

fit-PC2i has a mini PCIe physical slot that support USB signalling only. It doesn't support PCIe interface.

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