Extended Off Time Auto-ON

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Extended Off Time Auto-ON

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This problem concerns the Auto-ON feature enabled in the OS. and the conventional Power on front button.

Originally, The fitpc2 was purchased and powered on/off as any conventional pc would be expected to do. The Auto-ON feature was then enabled and was being tested (by unplugging/plugging in the DC supply shipped with the unit, the supply, to its credit, is in working order, output is 12V and I have no reason to further suspect its operation.

It has been noted in other posts that the internal power sensing circuitry can take a few moments(up to 10 seconds) to detect a "power off/interrupt" condition.

What we're experiencing is complete blackout at the PC when plugged in, no response after depressing power for any interval or repeatedly. However, when the PC is left unplugged for an extended period of time, somewhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours, and then plugged into the wall again, it resumes Auto-ON operation as though nothing is out of the ordinary. Any thoughts?

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Re: Extended Off Time Auto-ON

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This is abnormal hardware behavior that requires RMA.
The time scale of 10 minutes or more may indicate cooling of the device - sometimes faulty components or broken solder joints are affected by temperature.
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