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Re: auto-on Mod

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The auto-on feature is available for fit-PC2 as an option (but not on Amazon) and as standard in fit-PC2i.
Some distributors keep -ON units, check with them first before ordering.
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Re: auto-on Mod

Post by benjgil »

We keep stock of a large number of models with Auto-Resume here in the UK and ship to Europe and the US if required.

Please send any inquiries to if you're interested, or you can order directly online at

Kind rgds

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Re: auto-on Mod

Post by encompass »

Just to note. We will be needing this feature as it will be integrated in our factory robots. (Lots of them.) Thanks for the mod, I may do this to our dev unit when it's ready for proto testing.

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Re: auto-on Mod

Post by MikeB »

I didn't realize that this was optional, and not in the unit I got, either. I'm using the device as a LAN server, so having it stay down after a power failure is not good. I think it should be a standard feature, with a bios control, or an external switch if there's really a desire to have it stay down after a power failure.

That said, my "fix" is to plug the Fit-PC2 into an UPS so that it just doesn't lose power. It's not a huge UPS, but since it's designed to keep a desktop running for 20 minutes or so, it should power the Fit-PC2 for hours. I seldom lose power that long (a couple of times a year at most) so I don't think the lack of auto-reboot will be an issue.

If it ever is, and I don't want to replace the Fit-PC2, I think I'll add the capability without voiding my warranty by using a timer chip (555 for instance) and transistor or relay to fire a solenoid positioned in front of the power button a few seconds after power is resumed. ;-)

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