Win 7 Drivers for Fit-pc2i

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Win 7 Drivers for Fit-pc2i

Post by meat030 »


Just want some clarification on the fit-pc2i drivers.

why is it that only the wifi and ethernet drivers are only found on the fit-pc2i link

when on the fitpc2 link there are alot more drivers

do all the other drivers that apply to the fitpc2
chipset,IR,gma500, audio , IEMGD (What is this ??)

also apply to the fit-pc2i ? Are they compatible with one another ?


Re: Win 7 Drivers for Fit-pc2i

Post by mbirger »

The difference between fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i design is minor so most fit-PC2 drivers fit fit-PC2i system. fit-PC2i specifc drivers should be installed from the relevant link.

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