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New Windows 8 audio driver from Intel

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:00 pm
by vtailor
The Cedarview audio driver (DN2800MT) from Intel works on the z530 gma500 fit-pc2i in Windows 8. Suggest installing it with supervisor privilege and vista compatibility, even if it calls itself Windows 8. It is basically a shell around the Vista Realtek driver.

I only now came from playing my first flash video the first Time under Windows 8 on the z530, so I have not tested it completely. The breakthrough came when I tried out the quadraphonic speakers test in the Control Panel Realtek driver, and the REAR speakers suddenly came through my two (front) computer speakers loud and clear. There may be fewer steps necessary to do this. Also, of course, the latest Windows 7 gma500 graphics driver as the first thing installed in Windows 8, with nothing else from Intel.

For all I know, that is the problem in my Cedarview setup, where HDMI sound is not working, even with this new driver.

So, Windows 8 now works pretty well on the z530. It is obvious that Windows 8 was debugged to a certain extent on the Cedarview.