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Airtop3 just arrived. I believe I have a defective unit

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:56 am
by uptrend
So I purchased it with the XEON CPU and RTX 4000 GPU.
No RAM. No storage.

I installed this SSD: ... UTF8&psc=1

and this RAM: ... emory.html

I then installed ubuntu 20.04 from USB drive.

What is not working:

- The display ports. The lights on the front module for both the HDMI and DP ports do turn green when I connect them to a monitor. But the monitors do not display anything. I have tried it with multiple different monitors and connecting cables. None worked, so the issue isn't with the cables or the monitors. Furthermore, these same monitors and cables work with my other computers.

- I need to connect my monitors to the DP ports of the GPU in order for the monitors to display. And this too is broken because if I turn on the computer with the monitors already connected to the DP ports of the GPU then it will not work. It only works if the monitors are not initially connected to the DP ports of the GPU when I turn on the computer. If I connect the monitors to the DP ports of the GPU AFTER the computer has been turned on, only then will the monitors work. Also, if I then disconnect the monitors and connect it back, it will no longer work.

- It is over heating. As soon as the computer is turned on, it will slowly heat up until it gets really really hot. This is the case even before I managed to install the operating system. It is not performing any sort of intensive computation. The computer is merely turned on, and it gets really really hot eventually. The excess heat is coming from the side where the GPU is mounted.

So i believe that I have a defective unit.
I need to speak with technical support ASAP.