when is airtop 4 comping out?

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when is airtop 4 comping out?

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I'm just wondering whether I should wait for airtop 4 to come out since it has already been a year since airtop 3 came out.

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Re: when is airtop 4 comping out?

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Please accept my apologies, but company policy prohibits the posting of any information that relates to its plans for the future..
You can follow our Twitter channel (https://twitter.com/IotFit) for all news published by Compulab.
In addition - highly recommend to take a look at a new Compulab product - Tensor-PC.
Andrey Mazlin, Application Support Engineer
Useful links:
Support Wiki: http://www.fit-pc.com/wiki/
Support mil: fitpcsupport@compulab.co.il

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