The Questions Of Airtop3

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The Questions Of Airtop3

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I am from China and i saw the video of Airtop3 by LinusTechTips in 6/20/2019.
It is a nice PC and it likes a king of ITXpcs.
I want to kown more details about it, and buy some Airtop3.
So I just ask some questions.

1.Can I use Windows7 on Airtop3?

2.Which DDR4 rams can be used in Airtop3?(Including 8G or 16G)

3.Can I use other graphics card?(Except GTX1660Ti or Quadro RTX 4000)
Is graphics card has the limit of size?

4.Will you release the new Airtop with Zen2 CPU or Navi Graphics Card?
I think that it is a interesting combo between AMD and Airtop.



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Re: The Questions Of Airtop3

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1. Windows 10. Win7 is not supported.
2. See specifications - ... fications/
3. See frequently asked questions - ... questions/
4. We cannot discuss unannounced products
Irad Stavi
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