Display rotation 90 degrees?

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Display rotation 90 degrees?

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My need is to use the fitPC2 connected to an LED display (new Samsung Series 7 monitor) via the HDMI ports on each device. I will be hanging the LED monitors in a portrait orientation (something you can't do with LCD TVs unless they are purpose built for that ability) and then run Windows XP with the display configured to be rotated 90 degrees as well. I've tested the configuration with various XP and Windows PCs and all is well, but I've found that the screen rotation feature is often a function of the video display card, not windows (such as ATI or NVidia). Does the fitPC2 have the video capability to rotate its output on the HDMI port? If so, I need two units immediately. If not - bye!

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Re: Display rotation 90 degrees?

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The Intel GMA500 drivers / software have the "rotate display" option. 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

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Re: Display rotation 90 degrees?

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Where is the software? Out of the box, there is no option to rotate.

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