fit-PC2 > fit-VGA > Xenarc 700TSV-B

DVI, HDMI (or lack of), VGA (or lack of), supported displays
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fit-PC2 > fit-VGA > Xenarc 700TSV-B

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I spent way too many hours on this so I thought I'd share my findings. As mentioned in the title I have a fit-PC2 (Z550) connected to a Xenarc touch screen display through a fit-VGA adapter. Initially I tried the drives from the fit-PC2 download area but none had 800x480@60 WVGA support that worked with the 700TSV.

Using IEGD I tried to build a custom driver with that resolution as the default for this non-EDID display. Initially I used the suggested DTD settings from the Xenarc site but the display always failed and the monitor would shut off. Oddly I could use PowerStrip to force the resolution I wanted using the Xenarc suggested DTD and the display was perfect. And using PowerStrip to apply the custom resolution seemed to be my only option. But I persevered and was finally able to build a custom driver which would boot perfectly every time. It will even supports EDID displays if you boot with one attached, just in case you need it.

I hope this helps someone in the future.
IEGD 10.4 configuration files to build the driver
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