Connecting the video?

DVI, HDMI (or lack of), VGA (or lack of), supported displays
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Connecting the video?

Post by derek »

I'm a little confused by the description of the video output, namely:

"DVI Digital output up to 1920 x 1200 through HDMI connector"

Is this just trying to tell me is that there is no audio in the HDMI signal?

What can I connect a fitPC2i to and using what kind of cable ...

* My TV, which has multiple HDMI inputs, using an HDMI cable of some description? (not supplied?)

* My monitor, which has a DVI input, using the supplied adapter? (which is a passive device that just adapts the plug?)

* A different monitor, which has only a VGA input, using a further adapter/converter of some description? Can I use any DVI-D to VGA signal converter? Or only the one mentioned on this web site which seems to adapt directly from HDMI to VGA?

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Re: Connecting the video?

Post by RKz »

Correct, there is no audio in the HDMI connector. Audio is a separate output with 5.1 S/PDIF.
You connect video either directly with a HDMI-cable or with the enclosed HDMI-DVI-D adapter.
For VGA you need the fit-VGA adapter that is an active converter.
Richard Klingspetz
System Technology Sweden AB

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