Fit VGA converter problem

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Fit VGA converter problem

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I have several DVI monitors at home, but apparently they don't support DVI-D. So, the don't work with Fit-PC2i.

Hence, I decided to buy the Fit VGA Converter:

I have several VGA monitors at home too, but guess what, the don't work either :(

I have a Fit-PC2i, rev 1.1 and it run's Ubuntu Server. So, it's only text-mode. Nothing graphical, no drivers involved.

I see nothing, screen stays black. Can't even get into the BIOS. The only way to see something is to bring it downstairs and hook it up to my LCD flatsceen TV with HDMI. That's the only way to get it working.

I wonder why the Fit VGA converter doesn't work. Anyone?


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Re: Fit VGA converter problem

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Since your TV works with the fit-PC2i - the video interface is functional.
This leaves either the fit-VGA, cables or displays as the source of the problem. Since you have tried with several displays they are unlikely to all have the problem.

BIOS settings screen does not rely on DDC/EDID and displays in the standard 640x480x60 supported by all displays so it is not a compatibility issue.

Try the VGA cable with another computer - preferably on the same VGA monitor. If it works - the fit-VGA is faulty and should be replaced.
Irad Stavi
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