fit-statUSB: 1st Impressions

programmable multi-color LED that plugs into a USB port
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fit-statUSB: 1st Impressions

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fit-statUSB is a brand new, very cool and colorful offering from the technology innovators at Compulab. It is a tiny USB RGB led indicator that can display almost any color imaginable with selectable brightness. It can also fade from one color to the next with selectable timing, and it can blink on/off. It is comparable in function to the ThingM Blink1 device, but fit-statUSB is superior in that it is less than half the price, significantly smaller, and easier to program.
fit-statUSB.jpg (3.87 KiB) Viewed 18413 times

Controlling and Programming

fit-statUSB emulates a serial device and is controlled/programmed using simple text commands sent via the serial port. It truly is easy to control and program using a terminal program or any programming language which supports serial port communications. The output color is selected by sending the hex value which corresponds to the desired color such as #FF0000/red, #00FF00/green, or #0000FF/blue. Controlling it couldn't be easier.

Controlling Using Minicom Terminal Emulator in Linux Mint
Controlling fit-statUSB.png
Controlling fit-statUSB.png (30.41 KiB) Viewed 18413 times

Corresponding Red - Green - Blue Output
SmallRGB.jpg (972.52 KiB) Viewed 18413 times
As the above picture shows, fit-statUSB can be quite bright for its small size, but its brightness can easily be reduced via commands.


fit-statUSB is a really cool device that is easy to control and program. Since it costs little more than 2 premium coffees at the local coffee house, it is well within the means of almost everyone.

Further Information

For further product information and technical data see:

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