TPM2 stuck on boot

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TPM2 stuck on boot

Post by idragoev »

I have an issue with booting disk encrypted fitlet2 - it used to work quite well for a few weeks, and then it strated with jwk error during initial disk decryption on boot. As result it cannot take the password for auto disc decryption and hangs there waiting for manual input. If I connect a keyboard and type the disk encryption password, it boots and works properly.

I then decided to try:

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clevis luks bind -d /dev/sda3 tpm2 '{"pcr_ids":"7"}'
Create Object Failed ! ErrorCode: 0x921

ERROR: Unable to run tpm2_create
Creating TPM2 object for jwk failed!
Any idea what else I can do in order to fix this?

The OS is debian 10.3; instructions on how to set the encryption is form the official documentation. The disc was encrypted during the initial system setup.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: TPM2 stuck on boot

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Hi Ivan
When we will find the reason and solution, I'll post it here.
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