OPNSense freezes

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OPNSense freezes

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I've got a new fitlet2 (J3455 CPU) running on OPNSense 20.1. Basically the system works, but it regularly freezes after a running time of 10-12 hours without any signs. No network communication, no system log entries, no nothing.
I've got another fitlet2 with the same hardware configuration, that has been running OPNSense for 2 years now, which does not have these issues.
Any ideas?

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Re: OPNSense freezes

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What if let it start up with a Live-USB with Linux Mint and just let it be running för 24 hour? Or let say 3x freeze time.
Just to see if it depends on OS or not?
Linux Mint Tricia (19.3) Cinnamon @ MBM2 Pro

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