Wifi power management under Linux

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Wifi power management under Linux

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I found all sorts of strange latency over wifi with Intel 8260 or 9260 cards, like up to 100msec (!) for incoming pings. Turns out the iwlwifi Linux driver enables power management by default. Completely unnecessary in a line-powered device, for my application.

Intel has a nice cheatsheet on fixing this with a systemd boot-time service:

https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en ... -kits.html

The only difference is that on some Linuxes (e.g. Ubuntu) the wifi device is renamed from the "wlan0" in the example. So be sure to check, and change the three places in the sample script.

With the change, wifi latency drops to almost the same as wired devices on the same network. Recommended!

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