MBM2 will not turn on (no LED lights at all)

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MBM2 will not turn on (no LED lights at all)

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Hi everyone,

I recently (back in July) purchased a Mintbox Mini 2 for the lab where I work to explore using to control some experiment set-ups. We have done some basic testing with it, but when we went to use it a couple of days ago it seemed to no longer receive power. We do not have an alternate power supply, but we tested the power adapter that came with it and it is putting out 12 volts still. We assume therefore something has gone wrong with the computer itself. We do not get any LED light at the power switch from plugging it in. Are there any troubleshooting steps that might rescue this?

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Re: MBM2 will not turn on (no LED lights at all)

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On a rare occasion the machine may not auto-on or produce any light from the front LEDs after a full power cycle. To make sure this isn't the case, try to press the power button after you plug the DC cable to the machine.

If the still doesn't help, then unfortunately the next step would be to RMA the machine.
The RMA procedure is documented at the following link - https://www.fit-pc.com/web/support/rma/

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