ERROR: recovery capsule not found

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ERROR: recovery capsule not found

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I have a fitlet2 that would not power back on where deployed after suffering a voltage sag (not sure if there was a surge).

I'm now testing at a desk. Initially, when powered on, it would boot the OS (centOS), but if I issued a reboot command, it would appear to start the shutdown process and then never come back. I would have to unplug or hold the power button to completely power off, then it would boot after being powered back on.

Now it's not booting up to the OS at all and shows nothing through HDMI (monitor goes into power saving)

serial console redirection is enabled in the BIOS, and through that mechanism, I see this error, which I believe is from the BIOS.

ERROR: Recovery capsule not found
ERROR: Recovery failed

What exactly does this mean? Does it indicate a hardware failure?

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