The Weird with this item.

Miniature 12V DC UPS
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The Weird with this item.

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Last month it seems the Power was out for 3+ hours at the house while I was at work. I came home and found the IntensePC wigging out to the extreme. The PC was turning on and off without end. I it turned off. Then back on. And, still it wigged out with out end. I had to totally disconnect from the Fit-Uptime. Still had the issue a cycle or two. But then got out of the funk. The Bios had reset. So I had to setup up the bios and windows had to be cleaned up on boot. I think the pc's cmos battery was drained some how when connected to the uptime past the 3+ hour power outage and the power ran out. I think I needed to disconnect from the uptime and place it back on the normal power pack setup to charge the rechargeable CMOS battery just a bit to get out of the funk. Once the PC was restored (30mins plus), I reconnected to the Uptime once it was totally recharage. Now no issues.

But all of this makes me question the uptime's heavy effect on the PC pass a 3+ hour power outage. This seems bad.

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Re: The Weird with this item.

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According to the case you are describing it seems that the CMOS battery doesn't hold charge for long and causes CMOS memory corruption which causes the PC to Boot loop after sudden power loss.

You could test the Fit up-time solely by simply connecting and disconnecting repeatedly its AC and see if you can reproduce the problem.

Also you may test the CMOS battery individually but disconnecting the PC from AC and see if you exhibit the same issue for a reasonable duration of uncharged state, if the BIOS doesn't hold Date/Time, might as well be it.

Thank you.

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