why no 10 bit color?

HDMI display emulator for remote desktop to a headless PC with GPU enabled
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why no 10 bit color?

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I'm having trouble understanding why this display emulator doesn't provide the options for the user to make their computer think it's a 10 bit monitor. I'm trying to gamestream from my gaming pc to my 4k hdr tv. First to do this I need to make the computer think it has a 10 bit monitor attached. Game streaming won't allow the computer to detect the tv through the gamestream as a monitor so it has to be done on the computer side. I purchased this "display emulator" under the pretense that it would allow me to emulate what display properties it has available for the EDID. Since the version I purchased is the "GS" for game streaming it seems like a huge oversight to not allow for a 10 bit monitor so people could stream to HDR 4K tvs.

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Re: why no 10 bit color?

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As you may already understand, unfortunately the fit-headless GS does not support HDR emulation.

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