How to test GS

HDMI display emulator for remote desktop to a headless PC with GPU enabled
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How to test GS

Post by toro143 »

I have a win 10 pro, gtx 1080ti and headless GS dongle. I do not think it is working.
How can I test this ?

I'm trying to gamestream on it using nvidia shield. With a monitor it works, but when I disconnect monitor and plug in GS adapter, it no longer works.

Unfortunately when I rdp into pc with dongle, I cannot change any resolutions.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this other than just buying another adapter ?

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Re: How to test GS

Post by irads »

RDP to PC with fit-Headless GS should yield similar results to a connected 4K monitor.

It is unusual for fit-Headless to malfunction. You may check if behavior with/without fit-Headless connected differs. If not I suggest you contact to replace.
Irad Stavi
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