fit-headless-gs and custom resolutions

HDMI display emulator for remote desktop to a headless PC with GPU enabled
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fit-headless-gs and custom resolutions

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I've got the subject device (been working flawlessly for years) and I utilize moonlight for streaming from this machine to a client that is now (recently) equipped with a 32:9 monitor running at 5120x1440@100. I've added this resolution via the nvidia control panel (and tested it via the "test" button successfully)... but if I "apply", nothing happens (it goes back to the previous resolution). Is this device not capable of that resolution? Do you make one that is? I note that the monitor itself does not support that resolution on an HDMI port (must use display port) - do you have a DP option?

On a side-note, I've also migrated the host to a VM, passing my GPU over along with a virtual display (in this case, virtio-gpu via KVM under proxmox)... if the virtual display is enabled, then it is seamless to switch to 5120x1440@100, even on the real GPU. If I disable the virtual GPU (say, because windows are appearing there without an easy way to reach them, or for other diagnostic reasons), then I can't switch to 5120x1440@100. That said, I'd be willing to buy another device if that turned out to be the problem, because I would like to be able to work this without a virtual GPU.
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Re: fit-headless-gs and custom resolutions

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All information about fit-Headless devices, including the supported resolutions, can be found here: ... t-Headless
Right now we do not have any plan for further developing of this product line, sorry.
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