fit-headless with monitor pass-through

HDMI display emulator for remote desktop to a headless PC with GPU enabled
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fit-headless with monitor pass-through

Post by Arwen »

A situation came up where my new PC, (not from fit-pc), had an issue with it's graphics on power up. Seems directly related to the monitor being powered off.

I am going to try a fit-headless HDMI and see if that helps. (My PC and monitor use DisplayPort.) However, this may not help if it activates only the HDMI port.

So, how about developing a new product that has a pass-through port for a monitor?

Basically if the monitor is off / not responding, then fit-headless takes over and responds. Ideally it would read the monitor's settings and store them. Then return that exact set to the PC when needed. Anytime a monitor is available, check the monitor's settings and if different from the fit-headless' stored settings, update them.

Note that monitor pass-through can be useful for kiosk and wall display applications. The fit-headless can help prevent dead kiosk or wall display screens.
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Re: fit-headless with monitor pass-through

Post by tamir »

I hope the fit-headless should help utilize your GPU's resource when the monitor is off, it works in most cases and one of the reasons it was designed in the first place.

Thank you for your suggestion, I'll do my best to forward that.

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