Fitlet-H performance / Power Limit

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Fitlet-H performance / Power Limit

Post by TheLaG »

Hello people!

Few days ago got my Fitlet-H, which will work as 24/7 web server/file server. So last few days I did some testing limiting APU power consumption.

I tested values from 2000 - 10000 mW power consumption, and results were:
PassMark.png (39.77 KiB) Viewed 5027 times
Geekbench 3
Geekbench 3.png
Geekbench 3.png (32.27 KiB) Viewed 5027 times
Cinebench R15
Cinebench R15.png
Cinebench R15.png (26.83 KiB) Viewed 5027 times
In heat test when I pushed fitlet-h to max, I got close to 70 degrees Celsius, but to get this temperature, I needed to do stress test for 8 hours :)

I did also test on 25000 mW power limit, but it was almost the same as 10000, so I did not include it in graphs. Hope it will be useful for someone, to get clear understanding of how capable this nice little black box is :)

My home workstation with Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.40 GHz and AMD Radion R260X scored:

PassMark (CPU): 7347 pt
PassMark (2D Graphics): 784 pt
PassMark (3D Graphics): 3105 pt
PassMark (Memory): 2437 pt
Geekbench 3 (Single-Core Score): 3193 pt
Geekbench 3 (Multi-Core Score): 10214 pt
Cinebench R15 (Open GL): 73.2 fps
Cinebench R15 (CPU): 484 cbt


Re: Fitlet-H performance / Power Limit

Post by irads »

Thank you TheLaG for the comprehensive testing and professional presentation.

We reshared it at fit-PC blog on Google+ ... TMsZf2vwxB

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