WebStorm / PHPStorm editor on MintBox Mini 2 Pro ?

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WebStorm / PHPStorm editor on MintBox Mini 2 Pro ?

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I am looking for a very easily transportable central unit that I could use to develop in PHP, JavaScript, Python and Dart.

I use WebStorm and PHPStorm from JetBrain.

I'd like to know if someone has ever tried to use WebStorm or PHPStorm on a MintBox Mini 2 Pro.

Note 1 : at home I use a Mint Box 2 (with 16 Gb and an SSD). This machine has a lot more than enough power to run WebStorm or PHPStorm... I could reduce the RAM to 4 Gb, and it will probably be still a lot more than enough.

Note 2 : I tried the MintBox Mini (first version), and it did not have enough power to run WebStorm or PHPStorm. The editor was painfully slow. So I sent it back (it was an Amazon purchase).

The MintBox Mini 2 Pro seems much more powerful than the first MintBox Mini. Thus, it may be usable to run my favourite editors.

I could command one from Amazon to test it (like I did for the first version). However, someone at FitPC may perform the test. It is possible to use WebStorm for a 30-days trial period. Thus you could install it (that's very easy from the CLI) and make the test.



Installing WebStorm from the Linux CLI:

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sudo snap install webstorm --classic
See: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm ... oduct.html

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Re: WebStorm / PHPStorm editor on MintBox Mini 2 Pro ?

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Trying the below didn't work:
sudo snap install webstorm --classic

Also tried the below with no success:
sudo apt-get install webstorm

Trying to download directly from the website provided, will update.

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